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Footpath Sign GFM - 3
GFM - 3

Footpath Sign

Want your business to be noticed by passers-by, footpath sign is your ultimate solution. Our footpath sign includes a water-filled base and a quality double sided Aluminium sign panel. Your marketing message is printed on the UV resistant Intermediate Vinyl and laminated to improve outdoor durability. Use it with a blackboard vinyl and you can customise your daily / weekly special simply by writing on it with a chalk.


  • Option 1: Printed vinyl

  • Option 2: Blackboard vinyl

  • Option 3: Combination of 2 vinyl types

  • Double sided

  • Laminated to protect and extend life of your prints

  • Mounted on ACM panel and supported on a water filled base

  • Weather resistant



  • Indoor / Outdoor usage

  • Sign for area with high pedesterian foot traffic


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